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Father Of The Groom Toast

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Heartfelt Father of the Groom Toast

There are horror stories about the father of the groom toast. Some father`s give their life history and their son. They go on too long and the guests become bored. As father of the groom, it`s better to be remembered for a sincere speech that covers the basics.

There are some good and safe ideas on how the father of the groom should make a memorable toast. This is an important task because to toast the couple is to honor them and their future wedded bliss.

Here are some examples of father of the groom toasts that do make a positive impact. You can easily change the wording to suit your own family circumstances.

Toast 1

I would like to pay tribute to my son (name) he has over the years shown a loving spirit and a gift for making people feel special. Because of his loving and giving nature he has earned an even more precious gift, his beautiful bride (name). Son, cherish her, she is a jewel and we welcome her into our family. May you both enjoy much happiness in your future life and may your joy multiply.

Toast 2

Today is special, the gift of two people joined in spirit. This day brings tears to my eyes. Beside me is my wife of many years. My heart is glad these two young people have found each other. I ask you all to raise your glasses to toast them and their future happiness. May their life together be both long and happy.

Toast 3

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been privileged to have the opportunity of getting to know (name of the bride) parents. We have all worked together to make this wedding as special as our children are to us. We have got to know the people instrumental in creating and raising the beautiful lady who agreed to be our son`s wife. I commend them on a job well done. (Name of the bride) is a precious gift. Our son has expressed he is in agreement by marrying (name of the bride) today.

The father of the groom toast should always be heartfelt.

A speech incorporating a father of the groom toast could be as follows:

I remember like it was yesterday when (Groom`s name) was born. I was overwhelmed at how tiny and perfect he was. I hardly believed that I was the father of this precious scrap wrapped in a blue blanket. I feel so grateful that I have watched him grow and prosper into the wonderful young man he is today.

When (groom name) first told us about (bride`s name) we could tell from the excitement in his voice how special (bride`s name) was to him. We have since got to know her ourselves and we agree with his assessment of her.

You have all witnessed today (bride and groom`s names) exchange wedding vows and agreed to share a future life together. Please join with me in a toast to their happiness and wishing them an incredible journey together.

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Father Of The Groom Toast
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